Thursday, April 15, 2010

Green Building Incentives: 94301 version

Recently, I was reminded that I should once again turn my attentions to reviewing all the various monies and incentives available to green building/energy efficiency/water efficiency professionals and citizens trying to do better things.  I mean, solar energy systems, water efficiency technology, 

Fracking Fractalling fragmentation: What's good in your neighborhood?
If you've ever looked into these sort of incentive programs, being knowledgeable of them is similar to being expert in distinct island ecologies in the mist of Papua.  And, by that, I mean it's complicated to simplify.  There are large amount of incentives, but they are all spatially and temporally confined.  The City of Palo Alto has its own programs, which sometimes piggyback off of the Santa Clara Valley Irrigation District's incentives in just the "Water" category, and not the "Energy" category.  Technologies, such as washing machines, are spliced up like financial tranches, with their water savings incentivized by one entity, and their energy by another.  

All this makes it exceedingly complicated to be general and comprehensive about such rebates, since they change constantly, and they each have particular requirements.  

So, I've tried to assemble a mostly comprehensive list for the South Bay Aria.  
Here's the list all colorful and databasey.  

All the Rebates for Palo Alto are on top, and comprise most of the list.

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