Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cash 4 Appliances

So it's almost officially Earth Day, and there's yet another rebate program associated with trying to undermine the counterfactual, or in other words, get us to use energy and water more efficiently than you would be if you didn't buy new stuff.  

Before I get off on a rant, here's the website.

Note how it shares the orthography of hip-speak, supplanting the homophonic for for 4  (whoa!  Parse that Batman!).
"What for?"  you ask...

I'm really just talking about your standard fridges and dishwashers and washing machines, etc.  They just want you to buy new ones!  Why?!  Cuz it's a win win win for everyone!

It turns out that white goods salez (wait, is there some embedded racialism in there?) are good for the economies of our spaceship earth.  That's win #1. Of course, the program is trying to do good by making sure you properly "recycle" or "downcycle" your old appliances with certified, or "platinum" dealerships.  I'm not sure what precious metals that are highly productive as catalysts (like in the current lecture I'm not listening to on photoelectrochemical cells).

Of course, you'll probably save money on your utility billz too.  That's win #2

And, it's being funded by ARRA monies for it, so its coming from future us's!!!  How awesome is it that future me is investing is present me!  

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