Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rant: Home Depot Duct Tape

I quick one this evening, just for the sake of generating content and developing good habits.

I was at the Home Depot a month ago buying supplies for a small HVAC project.  In the midst of looking for proper adhesives and binding substrates for some flexduct and associated boots, I could almost NOT find the appropriate code-approved tape and mastic and webbing and ties.  Sheesh, it was a battle.  Nearly all the tape they had in the aisle was not code approved and probably would have lastly a hot minute on that cold duct (or vice-versa). 

After 5 minutes of careful examination, I find it at the bottom right corner of an array of shiny foil nothing tapes. 

Disappointment reigned.  While code-approved tape probably have more to do with fire=rating than actual adhesive performance, nevertheless, complying with code should not be so hard.  Having ductwork that won’t leak in 1 year wouldn’t be so bad.

On the bright side, as long as folks keep using hat crap, I’ll have more of a retrofit marketing plan

There are a wealth of reports and studies about this, but for the n00b:

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